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Holzman Daniel, Chernow Michael. The Meatball Shop Cookbook

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Holzman Daniel, Chernow Michael. The Meatball Shop Cookbook
Ballantine Books, 2011. — 315 р. — ISBN 978-0-440-42318-8.
he Meatball Shop has quickly grown into a New York City dining destination. Food lovers from around the city and beyond are heading down to Manhattan’s Lower East Side for a taste of this breakout comfort food phenomenon. In this fun and satisfying cookbook, chef Daniel Holzman and general manager Michael “Meatball Mike” Chernow open up their vault of secrets and share nearly 100 recipes—from such tried-and-true favorites as traditional Bolognese Meatballs and Mediterranean Lamb Balls to more adventurous creations like their spicy Mini-Buffalo Chicken Balls and Jambalaya Balls.
Accompanying the more than twenty meatball variations are recipes for close to a dozen delectable sauces, offering endless options to mix and match: from Spicy Meat to Parmesan Cream to Mango Raisin Chutney. And what would a meatball meal be without succulent sides and simple salads to round out the menu: Creamy Polenta, Honey Roasted Carrots, and Marinated Grilled Eggplant, just to name a few. You’ll also find helpful tips on everything from choosing the best cuts of meat to creating the perfect breadcrumbs to building the ultimate hero sandwich.
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