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Caramella D., Bartolozzi C. (eds.) 3D Image Processing. Techniques and Clinical Applications

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Caramella D., Bartolozzi C. (eds.) 3D Image Processing. Techniques and Clinical Applications
Springer, 2002. — 328.
The introduction of computer applications in medical imaging has had a tremendous impact on routine radiological practice in recent years. The possibilities for image processing, presentation and transmission of digitally acquired radiological data are now almost without limits.
This book sets out to provide a sorely needed update of our knowledge of the diagnostic potential of 3D imaging and the virtual rendering of images and constitutes a welcome addition to our series Medical Radiology, which aims to cover all important aspects of clinical imaging in modern diagnostic radiology.
The editors and the contributing authors have striven to focus not only on the theoretical foundations of digital imaging but also on the clinical value of these new methods. Therefore this volume should be of great interest not only to diagnostic radiologists but also to surgeons.
US Image Acquisition
CT Image Acquisition: from Single Slice to Multislice
MR Image Acquisition: from 2D to 3D
Surface Rendering
Volume Rendering
Virtual Endoscopy
Pitfalls and Artefacts in Virtual Endoscopy
3D Image Fusion
Clinical Applications
Electronic Brain Atlases: Features and Applications
Middle and Inner Ear
Virtual Endoscopy of Paranasal Sinuses
Virtual Laryngoscopy
Tracheobronchial Tree
Peripheral Vessels
Esophagus and Stomach
CT Colonography
Virtual Dissection of the Colon
Biliary Tract
Upper Urinary Tract
Lower Urinary Tract
Musculoskeletal System
Special Topics
Analysis of Functional Images
Basis and Principles of Virtual Reality in Medical Imaging
Head and Hand Tracking Devices in Virtual Reality
Computer-Aided Surgery in Otolaryngology
Computer-Aided Brain Surgery: Present and Future
Computer-Aided Surgery in Orthopaedics
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