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Arthur Donald, Mansouri Lotfi. Lotfi Mansouri: An Operatic Journey

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Arthur Donald, Mansouri Lotfi. Lotfi Mansouri: An Operatic Journey
Northeastern, 2010. — 345 p.
Лотфолла (Лотфи) Мансури (1929, Тегеран, Иран - 2013, Сан-Франциско, США) — оперный режиссёр, генеральный директор Канадской оперы и Оперы Сан-Франциско, кавалер Ордена Искусств и литературы (1992). Считается изобретателем оперных субтитров — текста либретто, проецируемого над сценой в ходе спектакля.
Lotfi Mansouri has lived a full life in opera: triumphs and near disasters, divas and divos, moneymen and true artists, he has known them all. In this entertaining and engaging memoir, Mansouri lifts the curtain and invites the reader to see how magic is created on stage. He has lived a storied life: early years in Iran, move to America, long stays in Europe and Canada, directing tasks on several continents, and a brilliant final act as the general director of the San Francisco Opera, all the while continuing to mount productions worldwide. He has known virtually everybody in the opera world over the past fifty years, and has collaborated with some of the greatest. Mansouri was also a central figure in the recent rejuvenation of opera through innovations such as supertitles and, perhaps more important, the staging and commissioning of new works that would appeal to a contemporary audience, such as SFO’s production of The Death of Klinghoffer, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Dead Man Walking. Mansouri isn’t shy about dropping names and bruising some egos (even his own). Anyone who wants to know what the opera world is really like can now find out in the company of a charming and expert guide
Prologue: Standing My Own Funeral
Paradoxes in Persia
Lotfi in La-La Land
Americans to the Rescue
The Swiss Connection
Iranian Intermezzo
Back on Track
North of the Border
The Road Back to Tinsel Town
From Provincial to World Class
Open Your Golden Gate
Mother Nature Gives an Encore
Leaving My Heart
An Operatic Voice for North America
Lords and Ladies jf the Larynx, Potentates of the Podium: Mansouri's
Epilogue: Still in Progress
Films and DVDs
Productions Directed by Mansouri
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