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Burduk R., Kurzyński M., Woźniak M., Zołnierek A. (eds.) Computer Recognition Systems 4

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Burduk R., Kurzyński M., Woźniak M., Zołnierek A. (eds.) Computer Recognition Systems 4
Springer, 2011. — 761.
Problem of pattern recognition is accompanying our whole life. We start to learn how to recognize simple objects like “dog”, “flower”, “car” when we are young and more sophisticated ones when we are growing up. Therefore the automatic pattern recognition is the focus of intense research of the Artificial Intelligence.
This book is the fourth edition of the monograph which focuses on the current directions in the modern compute pattern recognition. It offers actual review of the advances in pattern recognition and consists of 78 carefully selected works which have been reviewed carefully by the experts form the given domains. Chosen works were grouped into seven chapters on the basis of the main topics they dealt with:
Biometrics presents innovative theories, methodologies, and applications inthe biometry.
Features, learning, and classifiers consists of the works concerning new classification and machine learning methods.
Image processing and computer vision is devoted to the problems of image processing and analysis.
Knowledge acquisition based on reasoning methods refers to the task of endowing expert system with the knowledge which could be used by its inference engine.
Medical applications presents chosen applications of intelligent methods into medical decision support software.
Miscellaneous applications describes several applications of the computer pattern recognition systems in the real decision problems as speech recognition, automatic text processing and analysis.
On-Line Signature Recognition Based on Reduced Set of Points
Pose Invariant Face Recognition Method Using Stereo Vision
Subspace Algorithms for Face Verification
Fingerprint Orientation Field Enhancement
Lip Print Recognition Based on Mean Differences Similarity Measure
Human Vein Pattern Correlation – A Comparison of Segmentation Methods
Knuckle Recognition for Human Identification
Features, Learning and Classifiers
Modified Ranked Order Adaptive Median Filter for Impulse Noise Removal
Conceptual Design with the Use of Graph-Based Structures
Estimation of Tolerance Relation on the Basis of Pairwise Comparisons
Radial Basis Function Kernel Optimization for Pattern Classification
Evaluation of Reliability of a Decision-Making Process Based on Pattern Recognition
Prototype Extraction of a Single-Class Area for the Condensed 1-NN Rule
Robust Nonparametric Regression with Output in SO(3)
Time Series Prediction with Periodic Kernels
Unified View of Decision Tree Learning Machines for the Purpose of Meta-Learning
Designing Structured Sparse Dictionaries for Sparse Representation Modeling
Run-Time Performance Analysis of the Mixture of Experts Model
Fuzzy Clustering Finding Prototypes on Classes Boundary
Syntactic Pattern Recognition: Survey of Frontiers and Crucial Methodological Issues
New Measures of Classifier Competence – Heuristics and Application to the Design of Multiple Classifier Systems
Privacy Preserving Models of k-NN Algorithm
Some Properties of Binary Classifier with Fuzzy-Valued Loss Function
Image Processing and Computer Vision
Interactive Exploration of Image Collections
Variable Complexity Reduction in Image Grade Decomposition
Analysis of Inter-rater Agreement among Human Observers Who Judge Image Similarity
A Tool for Implementing and Evaluating Image Processing Algorithms inside FPGA Circuits
Textural Features for Scribble-Based Image Colorization
Palette Generation in Lab Colour Space Using ΔE
Colour Image Quality Assessment Using the Combined Full-Reference Metric
Model-Based 3D Human Motion Capture Using Global-Local Particle Swarm Optimizations
Gesture Data Modeling and Classification Based on Critical Points Approximation
Evaluation of Illumination Compensation Approaches for ELGBPHS
Efficient Stamps Classification by Means of Point Distance Histogram and Discrete Cosine Transform
Color Image Retrieval Based on Mixture Approximation and Color Region Matching
LAMDA Methodology Applied to Image Vector Quantization
Detection of Semantically Significant Image Elements Using Neural Networks
The Effect of Multiple Training Sequences on HMM Classification of Motion Capture Gesture Data
A Generic Approach to the Texture Detection Problem in Digital Images
Waterball - Iterative Watershed Algorithm with Reduced Oversegmentation
Kernel Postprocessing of Multispectral Images
A Semi-local Topological Constraint for Efficient Detection of Near-Duplicate Image Fragments
Morphology-Based Method for Reconstruction of Invisible Road Parts on Remote Sensing Imagery and Digitized Maps
Spatio-Temporal Filters in Video Stream Processing
Simplifying SURF Feature Descriptor to Achieve Real-Time Performance
Algorithm for Accurate Determination of Contact Angles in Vision System for High-Temperature Measurements of Metals and Alloys Surface Properties
A Fuzzy C-Means Based Color Impulse Noise Detection and Its Benefits for Color Image Filtering
Stereovision System for Visually Impaired
Knowledge Acquisition Based on Reasoning Methods
Artefactual Reasoning in a Hypergraph-Based CAD System
A Shape Description Language for Osteophytes Detection in Upper Surfaces of the Metacarpophalangeal Joints
Using Graph Mining Approach to Automatic Reasoning in Design Support Systems
A New Approach to Multi-class SVM-Based Classification Using Error Correcting Output Codes
Fractal Dimension in the Landscape Change Estimation
An Oversegmentation Method for Handwritten Character Segmentation
Medical Applications
Instantaneous Measurement of SNR in Electrocardiograms Based on Quasi-continuous Time-Scale Noise Modeling
Data Queuing for Non-uniform Telemedical Reporting
Analysis of Dispersion of Isopotential Areas Values in EEG Maps Sequences
Robust Estimation of Respiratory Rate Based on Linear Regression
Discriminating Power of an Sample Entropy and a Nonlinear Association Index in Prediction of a Preterm Labor Based on Electrohysterographical Signals
Knowledge Extraction for Heart Image Segmentation
Estimation of Wandering ECG Signal Baseline Using Detection of Characteristic Points in PQRST Complex for Avoiding Distortions in Complex Morphology
Continuous Wavelet Transform as an Effective Tools for Detecting Motion Artifacts in Electrogastrographical Signals
Asymmetry of Digital Images Describing Melanocytic Skin Lesions
Fuzzy Clustering and Adaptive Thresholding Based Segmentation Method for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Application of Pattern Recognition Techniques for the Analysis of Histopathological Images
Miscellaneous Applications
Two-Stage Data Reduction for a SVM Classifier in a Face Recognition Algorithm Based on the Active Shape Model
A New Star Identification Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Algorithms
User Authentication Based on Keystroke Dynamics Analysis
Determining Feature Points for Classification of Vehicles
Edge Detection Using CNN for the Localization of Non-standard License Plate
Artificial Neural Network Approach for Evaluation of Gas Sensor Array Responses
Developing Decision Tree for Identification of Critical Voltage Control Areas
A Review: Approach of Fuzzy Models Applications in Logistics
Expansion of Matching Pursuit Methodology for Anomaly Detection in Computer Networks
Stochastic Modelling of Sentence Semantics in Speech Recognition
Thai Character Recognition Using “Snakecut” Technique
Regularized NNLS Algorithms for Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Application to Text Document Clustering
Distant Co-occurrence Language Model for ASR in Loose Word Order Languages
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