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Krishnamurti Bh., Gwynn J.P.L. A Grammar of Modern Telugu

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Krishnamurti Bh., Gwynn J.P.L. A Grammar of Modern Telugu
Monograph. — Delhi, Oxford University Press, 1985. — xxii + 459 pp.
In the preparation of this book we have kept two objects in mind. The first is to provide a reference grammar for modern Telugu which is fairly comprehensive if not exhaustive. It can be used by non-Telugu students and teachers of the Telugu language with benefit... Our second object is to provide a systematic description of the Telugu language for the benefit of students of human languages and linguistics...
No grammatical description is perfect, and modern linguistic theories have enabled us to begin to understand how complex human languages can be and how intractable are certain phenomena for analysis. This is, therefore, an attempt at synthesizing all available published literature on Telugu grammar. We have, however, added our own modest contribution on many aspects of Telugu grammar not covered by earlier writers.
Orthography and Punctuation.
Primary Symbols of Vowels and Consonants: Pronunciation of Consonants
Secondary Symbols of Vowels: Pronunciation of Vowels
Secondary Symbols of Consonants
Aspirated Consonants and Spelling Problems
The Structure of Telugu Orthography: Problems of Reform
Exercises for Chapters 1 to 4
Nouns: Classes, Number and Gender
Pronouns, Question Words and Interrogative Suffix
Personal Pronouns and Oblique Stem Formation
Postpositions: The Dative and Accusative Case Suffixes
Adverbial Nouns: Nouns of Time and Place
Numerals and Quantifiers
Pronominalised Adjectives and Nouns
Finite Verbs: The Verbs un 'to be' and lee 'not to be'
Finite Verbs: Past and Future-habitual Tenses
Finite Verbs: Negative, Imperative, Hortative and Durative
Uncommon Tense-modes and Irregular Verbs
Non-finite Verbs: Participles
Intransitive, Transitive, Causative and Reflexive Stems
The Infinitive and Formation of Compound Verbs
The Verbal Noun and Verbal Adjectives
Inflectional Classification of Verbs
Minor Sentences (Interjections, Vocatives) and Vocative Clitics
Simple Sentences and the Use of Cases
Coordination: Compound Sentences
Subordination: Complex Sentences (i)
Subordination: Complex Sentences (ii)
Miscellaneous Grammatical Notes
Telugu Index
General Index
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