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Bar S., Kahn D., Shirley J.J. (eds.) Egypt, Canaan and Israel: History, Imperialism, Ideology and Literature

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Bar S., Kahn D., Shirley J.J. (eds.) Egypt, Canaan and Israel: History, Imperialism, Ideology and Literature
Leiden: Brill, 2011. — IX, 370 p. — (Culture and History of the Ancient Near East; ISSN 1566-2055; v. 52). — ISBN 978-90-04-19493-9.
The proceedings of the conference “Egypt, Canaan and Israel: History, Imperialism, Ideology and Literature” include the latest discussions about the political, military, cultural, economic, ideological, literary and administrative relations between Egypt, Canaan and Israel during the Second and First Millennia BC incorporating texts, art, and archaeology. A diverse range of scholars discuss subjects as wide-ranging as the Egyptian-Canaanite relations in the Second Intermediate Period, the ideology of boundary stelae, military strategy, diplomacy and officials of the New Kingdom and Late Period, the excavations of Beth-Shean and investigations into the Aruna Pass, and parallels between Biblical, Egyptian and Ancient Near Eastern texts. Such breadth in one volume offers a significant contribution to our understanding of the interactions between the civilizations of the ancient Near East.
Shirly Ben-Dor Evian – Shishak’s Karnak Relief – More Than Just Name-Rings.
Daphna Ben-Tor – Egyptian-Canaanite Relations in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages as Reflected by Scarabs.
Susanne Binder – Joseph’s Rewarding and Investiture (Genesis 41:41-43) and the Gold of Honour in New Kingdom Egypt.
Michael G. Hasel – The Battle of Kadesh: Identifying New Kingdom Polities, Places, and Peoples in Canaan and Syria.
James K. Hoffmeier – David’s Triumph Over Goliath: 1 Samuel 17:54 and Ancient Near Eastern Analogues.
Susan Tower Hollis – Two Hymns as Praise Poems, Royal Ideology, and History in Ancient Israel and Ancient Egypt: A Comparative Reflection.
Dan’el Kahn – One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward: The Relations Between Amenhotep III, King of Egypt and Tushratta, King of Mitanni.
Amihai Mazar – The Egyptian Garrison Town at Beth-Shean.
Kerry Muhlestein – Levantine Thinking in Egypt.
Marcus Müller – A View to a Kill: Egypt’s Grand Strategy in her Northern Empire.
Boyo Ockinga – Hatshepsut’s Appointment as Crown Prince and the Egyptian Background to Isaiah 9:5.
Bernd U. Schipper – Egyptian Imperialism after the New Kingdom: The 26th Dynasty and the Southern Levant.
JJ Shirley – What’s in a Title? Military and Civil Officials in the Egyptian 18th Dynasty Military Sphere.
Carola Vogel – This Far and Not a Step Further! The Ideological Concept of Ancient Egyptian Boundary Stelae.
Adam Zertal – The Arunah Pass.
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