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Osprey Fortress №049. Chartrand R. The Spanish Main 1492-1800

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Osprey Fortress №049. Chartrand R. The Spanish Main 1492-1800
Osprey Publishing Limited, 2006. — 64 p.
The 'Spanish Main' – the Spanish possessions in the West Indies and the Central American and Mexican coast – was the envy of Englishmen, Frenchmen and Dutchmen from the 16th to the 19th centuries. To counter their assaults as well as those of pirates, the Spanish built an outstanding system of fortifications – much of which still stands today. This title will cover the three main periods of development including the first 'castles' in Americas based on medieval styles built to protect against marauding adventurers including Sir Francis Drake. Later these forts were adapted to reflect the improved power of artillery. Following the fall of Havana to the British in 1762, the defences of the Spanish Main were revealed as outmoded and a complete reconstruction of them was ordered in the final stage of development as tremendous Vauban-style fortifications were created.
Administrative organization of the Spanish Main. Viceroys and captains-general. The king's engineers
Castles in America. Town planning.
Corsairs, pirates and convoys. The treasure fleet convoy system. Defence naval squadrons. French Huguenot plans. English attacks on the Spanish Main.
The fortification plan of 1588.
Declining fortunes 1600-70. Diminishing naval protection.
Defending the Spanish Main 1670-1763.
Renewal of the fortification system from 1763.
The garrisons.
The forts today.
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