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Datta-Gupta A., King M.J. Streamline Simulation: Theory and Practice

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Datta-Gupta A., King M.J. Streamline Simulation: Theory and Practice
Society of Petroleum Engineers, USA, 2007. — 404 p. — ISBN-10: 1555631118
This book provides a systematic exposition of current streamline simulation technology - its foundations, historical precedents, applications, field studies, and limitations. Part of the motivation in developing this textbook was to fill in gaps in the mathematical foundations and provide a rigorous presentation of streamline simulation technology that had not existed before.
Introduction and Overview
Basic Governing Equations
Streamlines, Streamtubes, Streamfunctions, and Simulation
Applications: Field Studies and Case Histories
Transport Along Streamlines
Spatial Discretization and Material Balance
Timestepping and Transverse Fluxes
Streamline Tracing in Complex Cell Geometries
Advanced Topics: Fluid Flow in Fractured Reservoirs and Compositional Simulation
Streamline-Based History Matching and the Integration of Production Data
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