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Phipps C. No Wonder You Wonder! Great Inventions and Scientific Mysteries

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Phipps C. No Wonder You Wonder! Great Inventions and Scientific Mysteries
Springer, 2016. - 331 pp.
This book explores and explains scientific mysteries and principles, leavened with tongue-in-cheek humor and an abundance of illustrations. Chapters are short, but give an understanding of technology and science not available elsewhere. Questions include:
• What holds a satellite up while it goes around the Earth?
• Why is the sky (made out of clear air!) blue instead of green, or just black as night like the sky that high altitude jumper Felix Baumgartner saw?
• How is laser light different from “normal” light?
• Did Columbus really discover that the Earth is round?
• Which one invention will assuredly survive our civilization?
• Why can’t you travel back in time?
If you often feel embarrassed because you don’t have a clue about lasers, the difference between volts, amps and watts, or how jet planes really work – but you would like to understand the physical principles of our modern world, whether you’re a teen or a parent – this book is for you!
To understand the basics of quantum mechanics, or of protons, neutrons and electrons, you don’t need algebra, calculus, or a lot of equations or technical buzzwords. Too many people have been soured on science by science teachers who have made simple concepts seem complex. This book is the antidote: all it requires is your curiosity.
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