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Thomas T.S. Wan Engineered Industrial Refrigeration Systems Application 2008

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Thomas T.S. Wan Engineered Industrial Refrigeration Systems Application 2008
Attribution-Noncommercial License (US/v3.0, Mainland China v2.5, Hong Kong v3.0, Taiwan v3.0) - 389 p.
This book, “Engineered Industrial Refrigeration Systems Application” is dealing with engineering applications which are required for the designing central process refrigeration for industrial plants of hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, chemical industries and refrigeration for other industrial applications such as meat packing, frozen and storage of foods, breweries, environmental simulation, pharmaceutical and etc.
This book is a systematic guideline of using “system concept” and “system approach” to design a refrigeration system. It requires the prerequisite of basic mechanical engineering knowledge such as thermodynamics, heat transfer theories and etc.
The book consists of 27 chapters; To view the pdf file of each chapter of the book, just click the title of the respective chapter listed below:
Cover-Contents References & Creative Commons;
Chapter-1 General & Preface;
Chapter-2 P-H Diagram Analysis & Refrigerant Flow Diagiaram;
Chapter-3 Cycle Efficiency Improvement Components;
Chapter-4 Comp Overview & System Annual Power Consumption;
Chapter-5 Reciprocating Compressors;
Chapter-6 Screw Compressors;
Chapter-7 Centrifugal Compressors;
Chapter-8 Low Temperature Refrigeration System;
Chapter-9 Open cycle refrigeration systems;
Chapter-10 Refrigeration System Balancing;
Chapter-11 Partial Load Performance of Refrigration System;
Chapter-12 Heat Exchangers for Industrial Reffrigeration Systems;
Chapter-13 Major Mechanical Codes for Refrigeration System;
Chapter-14 Refrigerants & Refrigerant Selection;
Chapter-15 Liquid Feed Circuits;
Chapter-16 Refrigerant Flow Control Valves;
Chapter-17 Liquid Carry Over & Gas-Liquid Disengagement;
Chapter-18 Refrigerant Piping Systems;
Chapter-19 Brines and Brine Piping System;
Chapter-20 Oil and Lubricants;
Chapter-21 Purge & Refrigerant Transfer;
Chapter-22 Electrical Codes for Refrigeration Equipment and System;
Chapter-23 Motor and Starter;
Chapter-24 Compressor & System Controls;
Chapter-25 Case of Screw Compressor Refrigeration System Design;
Chapter-26 Case of Structuring Refrigeration System with Multistage Centrifugal Compressor;
Chapter-27 Air Side Evaporators for Cold Storage & Frozen Food
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