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DD Little. Cowboy Food

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DD Little. Cowboy Food
Infinity, 2010. — 138 р. — ISBN 978-0741462107.
Simply Scrumptious Southwestern fun food! Recipes straight from old west cooking recipes made heart smarter for todays living. This is a comprehensive "how to" western trail style cook book primarily devoted to very healthy American chili recipes. This book covers recipes with various meats, fish, poultry and vegetarian recipes too. Some have beans and some do not. There is more! There are sides including wild stuffed eggs and unique fruit salads, to die for snacks, salsas and sides. Most of the meals are from original 1800's to 1900's western recipes. There is even a chile pepper-less chili mix. Cowboy Food is fun to read to boot. This is a wonderful gift that will be remembered for many years. What are you waiting for?
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