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Golio M. (ed.) The RF and Microwave Handbook

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Golio M. (ed.) The RF and Microwave Handbook
CRC Press LLC. — 2001, 1356 p. — ISBN 0-8493-8592-X.
The purpose of The RF and Microwave Handbook is to provide a single-volume comprehensive reference for modern microwave and RF engineers. The articles that comprise the handbook provide important information for practicing engineers in industry, government, and academia. The intended audience also includes microwave and other electrical engineers requiring information outside of their area of expertise as well as managers, marketers, and technical support workers who need better understanding of the fields driving and affected by their decisions.
Introduction. Patrick Fay.
Microwave and RF Product Applications.
Systems Considerations.
Microwave Measurements.
Passive Technologies.
Active Device Technologies.
CAD, Simulation, and Modeling.
Underlying Physics.
Appendix. Mathematics, Symbols, and Physical Constants.
Appendix. Microwave Engineering Appendix.
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