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Sachs M. Quantum Mechanics and Gravity

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Sachs M. Quantum Mechanics and Gravity
Springer, 2003. — 208 p. — ISBN: 3540008004
This book describes a paradigm change in modern physics from the philosophy and mathematical expression of the quantum theory to those of general relativity. The approach applies to all domains - from elementary particles to cosmology. The change is from the positivistic views in which atomism, nondeterminism and measurement are fundamental, to a holistic view in realism, wherein matter - electrons, galaxies, - are correlated modes of a single continuum, the universe. A field that unifies electromagnetism, gravity and inertia is demonstrated explicitly, with new predictions, in terms of quaternion and spinor field equations in a curved spacetime. Quantum mechanics emerges as a linear, flatspace approximation for the equations of inertia in general relativity.

The Theory of General Relativity: Einstein's Formulation
A Unified Field Theory
Quantum Mechanics from a Theory of Inertial Mass in Relativity
The Pauli Principle and Pair Creation/Annihilation
Atomic and Elementary Particle Physics
Astrophysics and Cosmology in General Relativity
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