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Martín M. (Ed.) Alternative Energy Sources and Technologies: Process Design and Operation

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Martín M. (Ed.) Alternative Energy Sources and Technologies: Process Design and Operation
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2016. – 511 p. – ISBN-10: 3319287508
Presenting a comprehensive analysis of the use of alternative sources of energy and technologies to produce fuels and power, this book describes the energy value chain from harvesting the raw material, (i.e solar, wind, biomass or shale gas) followed by analysis of the processing steps into power, fuels and/or chemicals and finally the distribution of the products.
Featuring an examination of the techno-economic processes and integration opportunities which can add value to by-products or promote the use of different sources of energy within the same facility, this book looks at the tools that can make this integration possible as well as utilising a real world case study. The case study of the operation of “El hierro” island is used as an example of the current effort towards more efficient use of the resources available.
Tackling head on the open challenges of the supply, the variability of the source and its prediction, the description of novel processes that are being developed and evaluated for their transformation as well as how we can distribute them to the consumer and how we can integrate the new chemicals, fuels and power within the current system and infrastructure, the book takes a process based perspective with such an approach able to help us in the use and integration of these sources of energy and novel technologies.
Renewable and Green Energy
Energy Technology
Environmental Economics
Energy Technology
Alternative Energy Sources
Nonconventional Fossil Energy Sources: Shale Gas and Methane Hydrates
Renewable Energy Sector
Infrastructure Design for Various Energy Sources
Development Planning of Offshore Oilfield Infrastructure
Emerging Optimal Control Models and Solvers for Interconnected Natural Gas and Electricity Networks
Processing of Alternatives Raw Materials
Equation-Based Design, Integration, and Optimization of Oxycombustion Power Systems
Wind Energy
Solar Energy as Source for Power and Chemicals
Biomass as Source for Chemicals, Power, and Fuels
CO2 Carbon Capture, Storage, and Uses
Optimal Design of Macroscopic Water and Energy Networks
Retrofit of Total Site Heat Exchanger Networks by Mathematical Programming Approach
Improving Energy Efficiency in Batch Plants Through Direct Heat Integration
Life Cycle Algal Biorefinery Design
Planning and Scheduling for Industrial Demand Side Management: Advances and Challenges
Industrial Tools and Needs
Renewable-Based Self-sustainable Operation of Isolated Islands
Energy Distribution
Multi-objective Optimisation Incorporating Life Cycle Assessment. A Case Study of Biofuels Supply Chain Design
Large-Scale Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming Algorithms for Power Generation Scheduling
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