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Manoukian E.B. Quantum Theory: A Wide Spectrum

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Manoukian E.B. Quantum Theory: A Wide Spectrum
Springer, 2006. – 1018 p. – ISBN-10: 1402041896
The ultimate modern textbook on Quantum Theory, this graduate-level and self-contained s text is also a reference and research work which provides background for researchers in this discipline, covering important recent developments and most aspects of the theory with fairly detailed presentations.
In addition to traditional topics, it includes: selective measurements, Wigner's Theorem of symmetry transformations, generators of quantum transformations, supersymmetry, details on the spectra of Hamiltonians and stability of quantum systems, Bose-Fermi oscillators, coherent states, hyperfine structure of the H-atom for any angular momentum, the non-relativistic Lamb shift, anomalous magnetic moment of the electron, Ramsey oscillatory fields methods, measurement, interference and the role of the environment, the AB effect, geometric phases (including the nonadiabatic and noncyclic), Schrödinger's cat and quantum decoherence, quantum teleportation and cryptography, quantum dynamics of the Stern-Gerlach effect, Green functions, path integrals, including constrained dynamics, quantum dynamical principle and variations, systematics of multi-electron atoms, stability of matter, collapse of "bosonic matter" and the role of spin, intricacies of scattering, quantum description of relativistic particles for any spin and mass, spinors, helicity, the Spin & Statistics Theorem.
In addition it contains numerous problems, some of which are challenging enough for research.
Symmetries and Transformations
Uncertainties, Localization, Stability and Decay of Quantum Systems
Spectra of Hamiltonians
Angular Momentum Gymnastics
Intricacies of Harmonic Oscillators
Intricacies of the Hydrogen Atom
Quantum Physics of Spin 1/2 and Two-Level Systems; Quantum Predictions Using Such Systems
Green Functions
Path Integrals
The Quantum Dynamical Principle
Approximating Quantum Systems
Multi-Electron Atoms: Beyond the Thomas-Fermi Atom
Quantum Physics and the Stability of Matter
Quantum Scattering
Quantum Description of Relativistic Particles
Mathematical Appendices
Variations of the Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff Formula.
Convexity and Basic Inequalities
The Poisson Equation in 4D
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