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Theron Vincent, Diamant Michael. Scala High Performance Programming

Theron Vincent, Diamant Michael. Scala High Performance Programming
Packt Publishing, 2016. — 242 p. — ISBN-10: 178646604X, ISBN 978-1-78646-604-4.

Leverage Scala and the functional paradigm to build performant software.
Scala is a statically and strongly typed language that blends functional and object-oriented paradigms. It has experienced growing popularity as an appealing and pragmatic choice to write production-ready software in the functional paradigm. Scala and the functional programming paradigm enable you to solve problems with less code and lower maintenance costs than the alternatives. However, these gains can come at the cost of performance if you are not careful.
Scala High Performance Programming arms you with the knowledge you need to create performant Scala applications. Starting with the basics of understanding how to define performance, we explore Scala's language features and functional programming techniques while keeping a close eye on performance throughout all the topics.
We introduce you as the newest software engineer at a fictitious financial trading company, named MV Trading. As you learn new techniques and approaches to reduce latency and improve throughput, you'll apply them to MV Trading's business problems. By the end of the book, you will be well prepared to write production-ready, performant Scala software using the functional paradigm to solve real-world problems.
What You Will Learn:
Analyze the performance of JVM applications by developing JMH benchmarks and profiling with Flight Recorder;
Discover use cases and performance tradeoffs of Scala language features, and eager and lazy collections;
Explore event sourcing to improve performance while working with stream processing pipelines;
Dive into asynchronous programming to extract performance on multicore systems using Scala Future and Scalaz Task;
Design distributed systems with conflict-free replicated data types (CRDTs) to take advantage of eventual consistency without synchronization;
Understand the impact of queues on system performance and apply the Free monad to build systems robust to high levels of throughput.
Get the first book to explore Scala performance techniques in depth!
Real-world inspired use cases illustrate and support the techniques studied and the language features.
This book is written by Vincent Theron and Michael Diamant, software engineers with several years of experience in the high-frequency trading and programmatic advertising industries.
Who This Book Is For:
This book assumes a basic exposure to the Scala programming language and the Java Virtual Machine. You should be able to read and understand moderately advanced Scala code. No other knowledge is required.
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