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John Buridan. Tretease on consequences

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John Buridan. Tretease on consequences
New York: Fordham University Press, 2014 — 200 p. — ISBN-10: 0823257185; ISBN-13: 978-0823257188. Translated and with an introduction by Stephen Read. Editorial Introduction by Hubert Hubien.
The rediscovery of Aristotle in the late twelfth century led to a fresh development of logical theory, culminating in Buridan’s crucial comprehensive treatment in the Treatise on Consequences. Buridan’s novel treatment of the categorical syllogism laid the basis for the study of logic in succeeding centuries. This new translation offers a clear and accurate rendering of Buridan’s text. It is prefaced by a substantial Introduction that outlines the work’s context and explains its argument in detail. Also included is a translation of the Introduction (in French) to the 1976 edition of the Latin text by Hubert Hubien.
Editorial Introduction by Hubert Hubien
Consequences in General and Consequences Between Assertoric Propositions
Consequences Between Modal Propositions
Syllogisms Between Assertoric Propositions
Syllogisms Between Modal Propositions
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