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Potts D.T., Hellyer P. (eds). Fifty years of Emirates Archaeology: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Archaeology of the United Arab Emirates

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Potts D.T., Hellyer P. (eds). Fifty years of Emirates Archaeology: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Archaeology of the United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi: Motivate Publishing, 2012. — 260 pp. — ISBN 978-1-86063-323-2.
When one considers that European archaeologists have been exploring and documenting the cultural heritage of the ancient Near East for over 200 years, one could be forgiven for believing that archaeological research in the UAE is still in its infancy. Indeed, the book under consideration represents the outcome of a conference held in Abu Dhabi in 2009 that marked only the 50th anniversary of the commencement of archaeological research in that Emirate by a team of Danish archaeologists. In that 50 years, however, the pace of archaeological research in the UAE has intensified and revealed an astonishing cultural heritage that stretches from the Palaeolithic to the recent past.
Foreword (Abdul Rahman Al Owais Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development).
Introduction (Daniel T. Potts).
The First Excavations in the Uae, 1959–1972: Glimpses into the Archive of Moesgård Museum (Flemming Højlund (Århus)).
Before Archaeology: Life and Environments in the Miocene of Abu Dhabi (Andrew Hill (New Haven), Faysal Bibi (New Haven), Mark Beech (Abu Dhabi), Walid Yasin Al Tikriti (Al Ain)).
The Middle Palaeolithic Assemblage of Jebel Barakah in the Context of the Arabian Peninsula and Adjacent Areas (Ghanim Wahida, Walid Yasin Al Tikriti (Al Ain), Mark Beech (Abu Dhabi), Ali al-Meqbali).
Palaeolithic and Neolithic Stone Artefacts from Al Gharbia (Western Region), Abu Dhabi, UAE (Sally McBrearty (Storrs)).
Social Implications and Potential Causes of Violence at Neolithic Al-Buhais 18 (Adelina Kutterer (Tübingen), Hans-Peter Uerpmann (Tübingen)).
Akab Island, a Neolithic Sanctuary in the Gulf (Sophie Méry (Nanterre), Vincent Charpentier (Nanterre)).
Animal Labour and Beasts of Burden in South-East Arabian Pre- and Protohistory (Hans-Peter Uerpmann (Tübingen), Margarethe Uerpmann (Tübingen)).
Umm An-Nar, an Ancient Capital of Abu Dhabi: Distribution of a Culture and the Current State of the Site (Walid Yasin Al Tikriti (Al Ain)).
Perspectives from the Indus: Contexts of Interaction in the Late Harappan/Post-Urban Period (Rita P. Wright (New York University)).
The Restoration of Tomb 154 at Bat (Manfred Böhme (Halle/Saale)).
Jebel Al-Buhais 2008: a Year in Review (Sabah Abboud Jasim (Sharjah)).
Some Evidence of Crisis and Abandonment at the End of the Iron Age in Al Madam 1–Thuqaibah (Sharjah, UAE) (Carmen del Cerro (Madrid)).
Al Madam 1–Thuqaibah (Sharjah, UAE): Recent Findings in the Mudbrick Working Area (Joaquín María Córdoba (Madrid)).
The Iron Age Occupation in Masafi: Report on Two Seasons of Excavation (Anne Benoist, Vincent Bernard, Olivier Brunet, A. Hamel).
The Temple at Ed-Dur (Emirate of Umm Al-Qaiwain) and Pre-Islamic Cult in South-Eastern Arabia (Ernie Haerinck (Ghent)).
The Oman Peninsula at the Beginning of the Sasanian Period (Michel Mouton (Paris), Julien Cuny (Lyon)).
Archaeological History of the Northern Emirates in the Islamic Period: an Outline (Derek Kennet (Durham)).
Coastal Settlement in South-East Arabia during the Islamic Period (Andrew Petersen (Lampeter)).
The Geographical History of Julfar (Christian Velde (Ra’s al-Khaimah)).
Trade Ceramics from East Asia to the Arabian Peninsula (Hanae Sasaki (Kanazawa), Tatsuo Sasaki (Kanazawa)).
Considering the ‘Terra Incognita’ and the Implications for the Cultural Resource Management of the Arabian Gulf Palaeolandscape (Richard Cuttler (Doha), Faisal Abdulla Al Naimi (Doha), Simon Fitch (Birmingham)).
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