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Pauling L., Pauling P. Chemistry

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Pauling L., Pauling P. Chemistry
W H Freeman & Co (Sd), 1975. — 792 p.
The scope of this book is similar to that of "General Chemistry" by Linus Pauling, 3rd edition, 1970. Changes have been made in presentation and content, and these are explained when prefaces are compared. General Chemistry was designed “for use by first year college university students who plan to major in chemistry or in closely related fields” whereas the present book is designed for students “primarily interested in biology, medicine, human nutrition, and related fields”. The former book was longer by about 200 pages, and several topics are treated less rigorously as, forт example, those that involve discussions of quantum and statistical mechanics, and chemical thermodynamics. However, atomic structure and the periodic table, the nature of chemical bonds, basic inorganic chemistry - especially that of coordination compounds, properties of solutions, chemical equilibria and other subjects are discussed with the competence and clarity that assured the success of General chemistry for more than 20 years.
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