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Reed B.C. Quantum Mechanics

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Reed B.C. Quantum Mechanics
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc., USA, 2008. – 437 p. – ISBN: 0763744514
Quantum Mechanics and its applications are a vibrant, central part of today’s research in both experimental and theoretical physics. Designed for the one-semester course, Quantum Mechanics expertly guides students through rigorous course material, providing comprehensive explanations, accessible examples, and intuitive equations. This text’s in-depth coverage of essential topics, such as harmonic oscillator, barrier penetration, and hydrogen atoms, skillfully bridges the gap between sophomore introduction texts and lower-level graduate treatments. Students will find this user-friendly text, with numerous examples and applications, sets a solid foundation for future courses in the area of Quantum Mechanics.
Brief Contents
Schrodinger's Equation
Solutions of Schrodinger's Equation in One Dimension
Potential Wells
Potential Barriers and Scattering
Operators, Expectation Values, and the Uncertainty Principle
The Harmonic Oscillator
Schrodinger's Equation in Three Dimensions and an Introduction to the Quantum Theory of Angular Momentum
Central Potentials
Further Developments with Angular Momentum and Multiparticle Systems
Approximation Methods
Numerical Solution of Schrodinger's Equation
A Sampling of Results from Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics: Transition Rates and Probabilities
Miscellaneous Derivations
Answers to Selected Problems
Integrals and Trigonometric Identities
Physical Constants
Notes and References
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