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De Souza Sánchez Filho E. Tensor Calculus for Engineers and Physicists

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De Souza Sánchez Filho E. Tensor Calculus for Engineers and Physicists
New York: Springer, 2016. - 370p.
Presents concepts in a straightforward way, while maintaining a great level of rigor
Provides 56 solved exercises and a select set of unsolved problems with answers
Presents a didactic and concise text suited to undergraduate and graduate students
Enriches understanding of tensor calculus applied to all technical sciences and engineering disciplines, providing the reader with complete illustrations that supplement the presented
This textbook provides a rigorous approach to tensor manifolds in several aspects relevant for Engineers and Physicists working in industry or academia. With a thorough, comprehensive, and unified presentation, this book offers insights into several topics of tensor analysis, which covers all aspects of n-dimensional spaces.
The main purpose of this book is to give a self-contained yet simple, correct and comprehensive mathematical explanation of tensor calculus for undergraduate and graduate students and for professionals. In addition to many worked problems, this book features a selection of examples, solved step by step.
Although no emphasis is placed on special and particular problems of Engineering or Physics, the text covers the fundamentals of these fields of science. The book makes a brief introduction into the basic concept of the tensorial formalism so as to allow the reader to make a quick and easy review of the essential topics that enable having the grounds for the subsequent themes, without needing to resort to other bibliographical sources on tensors.
Chapter 1 deals with Fundamental Concepts about tensors and chapter 2 is devoted to the study of covariant, absolute and contravariant derivatives. The chapters 3 and 4 are dedicated to the Integral Theorems and Differential Operators, respectively. Chapter 5 deals with Riemann Spaces, and finally the chapter 6 presents a concise study of the Parallelism of Vectors. It also shows how to solve various problems of several particular manifolds.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Mathematical Methods in Physics
Mathematical Applications in the Physical Sciences
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