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Penrose R., Isham C.J. (eds.) Quantum concepts in space and time

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Penrose R., Isham C.J. (eds.) Quantum concepts in space and time
Clarendon Press, 1986. - 358 pp.
Recent developments in quantum theory have focused attention on fundamental questions, in particular on whether it might be necessary to modify quantum mechanics to reconcile quantum gravity and general relativity. This book is based on a conference held in Oxford in the spring of 1984 to discuss quantum gravity. It brings together contributors who examine different aspects of the problem, including the experimental support for quantum mechanics, its strange and apparently paradoxical features, its underlying philosophy, and possible modifications to the theory.
Experiments on Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen-type correlations with pairs of visible photons (by Alain Aspect and Philippe Grangier).
Testing quantum superposition with cold neutrons (by Anton Zeilinger).
The superposition principle in macroscopic systems (by Anthony J. Leggett).
Non-local phenomena and the Aharonov-Bohm effect (by Yakir Aharonov).
Gravitational effects on charged quantum systems (by J. Anandan)
Continuous state reduction (by Tony Sudbery).
Models for reduction (by Philip Pearle).
On the possible role of gravity in the reduction of the wave function (by F. Karolyhazy, A. Frenkel, and B. Lukacs).
Gravity and state vector reduction (by Roger Penrose).
Stochastic mechanics, hidden variables, and gravity (by Lee Smolin).
Entropy, uncertainty, and nonlinearity (by L. P. Hughston).
Events and processes in the quantum world (by Abner Shimony).
The many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics in quantum cosmology (by Frank Tipler).
Three connections between Everett's interpretation and experiment (by David Deutsch).
Transition amplitudes versus transition probabilities and a reduplication of space-time (by Iwo Bialynicki-Birula).
Leibnizian time, Machian dynamics, and quantum gravity (by J. B. Barbour).
Quantum time-space and gravity (by David Finkelstein and Ernesto Rodriguez).
Quantum topo-dynamics in higher dimensions (by Y. Aharonov and M. Schwartz).
Constructing a bit string universe: a progress report (by H. Pierre Noyes, Michael J. Manthey, and Christoffer Gefwert).
Hawking's wave function for the universe (by Don N. Page).
Canonical quantization of black holes (by P. Hajicek).
Correlations and causality in quantum field theory (by Robert M. Wold).
Self-duality and spinorial techniques in the canonical approach to quantum gravity (by Abhay Ashtekar).
Quantum fields, curvilinear co-ordinates, and curved space-time (by N. Sanchez and B. F. Whiting).
Effective action for expectation values (by Bryce DeWitt).
Charged matter from a Kaluza-Klein-like theory (by Tsou Sheung Tsun).
Quantum supergravity via canonical quantization (by P. D. D'Eath).
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