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Steadman S.R., McMahon G. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia (10,000-323 BCE)

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Steadman S.R., McMahon G. (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia (10,000-323 BCE)
New York: Oxford University Press, 2011. — 1174 pp. — ISBN 978-0-19-537614-2.
The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia is a unique blend of comprehensive overviews on archaeological, philological, linguistic, and historical issues at the forefront of Anatolian scholarship in the twenty-first century. Anatolia is home to early complex societies and great empires, and was the destination of many migrants, visitors, and invaders. The offerings in this book bring this reality to life, as the articles unfold nearly 10,000 years (ca. 10,000–323 BCE) of peoples, languages, and diverse cultures who lived in or traversed Anatolia over these millennia. They combine descriptions of current scholarship on important discussion and debates in Anatolian studies with new and cutting-edge research for future directions of study. The fifty-four articles are presented in five separate parts that range in topic from chronological and geographical overviews to anthropologically based issues of culture contact and imperial structures, and from historical settings of entire millennia to crucial data from key sites across the region.
Introduction: The Oxford Handbook of Ancient Anatolia (Gregory McMahon and Sharon R. Steadman).
The Archaeology of Anatolia: Background and Definitions.
The Land and Peoples of Anatolia through Ancient Eyes (Gregory McMahon).
A History of the Preclassical Archaeology of Anatolia (Roger Matthews).
Anatolian Chronology and Terminology (Jak Yakar).
Chronology and Geography.
Anatolia in Prehistory.

The Neolithic on the Plateau (Mihriban Özbaşaran).
The Neolithic in Southeastern Anatolia (Michael Rosenberg and Asli Erim-Özdoğan).
The Chalcolithic on the Plateau (Ulf-Dietrich Schoop).
The Chalcolithic of Southeast Anatolia (Rana Özbal).
The Chalcolithic of Eastern Anatolia (Giulio Palumbi).
The Early Bronze Age.
The Early Bronze Age on the Plateau (Sharon R. Steadman).
The Early Bronze Age in Southeastern Anatolia (A. Tuba Ökse).
Eastern Anatolia in the Early Bronze Age (Catherine Marro).
The Middle Bronze Age.
The Kārum Period on the Plateau (Cécile Michel).
Southeastern and Eastern Anatolia in the Middle Bronze Age (Nicola Laneri and Mark Schwartz).
The Late Bronze Age.
The Late Bronze Age in the West and the Aegean (Trevor Bryce).
The Plateau: The Hittites (Jürgen Seeher).
Southern and Southeastern Anatolia in the Late Bronze Age (Marie-Henriette Gates).
The Iron Age.
The Iron Age on the Central Anatolian Plateau (Lisa Kealhofer and Peter Grave).
The Iron Age of Southeastern Anatolia (Timothy Matney).
The Iron Age in Eastern Anatolia (Lori Khatchadourian).
The Greeks in Western Anatolia (Alan M. Greaves).
Philological and Historical Topics.
The Hittite Language: Recovery and Grammatical Sketch (Gary Beckman).
Luwian and the Luwians (Ilya Yakubovich).
Urartian and the Urartians (Paul Zimansky).
Phrygian and the Phrygians (Lynn E. Roller).
Hittite Anatolia: A Political History (Richard H. Beal).
Anatolia: The First Millennium B.C.E. in Historical Context (G. Kenneth Sams).
Monuments and Memory: Architecture and Visual Culture in Ancient Anatolian History (Ömür Harmanşah).
Thematic and Specific Topics.
Intersecting Cultures: Migrations, Invasions, and Travelers.
Eastern Thrace: The Contact Zone between Anatolia and the Balkans (Mehmet Özdoğan).
Anatolia and the Transcaucasus: Themes and Variations ca. 6400–1500 B.C.E. (Antonio Sagona).
Indo-Europeans (H. Craig Melchert).
Troy in Regional and International Context (Peter Jablonka).
Assyrians and Urartians (Karen Radner).
The Greeks in Anatolia: From the Migrations to Alexander the Great (Kenneth W. Harl).
From Pastoralists to Empires: Critical Issues.
A Brief Overview of the Halaf Tradition (Gabriela Castro Gessner).
Millennia in the Middle? Reconsidering the Chalcolithic of Asia Minor (Bleda S. Düring).
Interaction of Uruk and Northern Late Chalcolithic Societies in Anatolia (Mitchell S. Rothman).
Ancient Landscapes in Southeastern Anatolia (Jason Ur).
Metals and Metallurgy (James D. Muhly).
The Hittite State and Empire from Archaeological Evidence (Claudia Glatz).
The Hittite Empire from Textual Evidence (Theo van den Hout).
Key Sites.
Göbekli Tepe: A Neolithic Site in Southeastern Anatolia (Klaus Schmidt).
Çatalhöyük: A Prehistoric Settlement on the Konya Plain (Ian Hodder).
Ilıpınar: A Neolithic Settlement in the Eastern Marmara Region (Jacob Roodenberg).
Arslantepe-Malatya: A Prehistoric and Early Historic Center in Eastern Anatolia (Marcella Frangipane).
Titriş Höyük: The Nature and Context of Third Millennium B.C.E. Urbanism in the Upper Euphrates Basin (Guillermo Algaze and Timothy Matney).
Kültepe-Kaneš: A Second Millennium B.C.E. Trading Center on the Central Plateau (Fikri Kulakoğlu).
Key Sites of the Hittite Empire (Dirk Paul Mielke).
Ayanis: An Iron Age Site in the East (Altan Çilingiroğlu).
Gordion: The Changing Political and Economic Roles of a First Millennium B.C.E. City (Mary M. Voigt).
Kaman-Kalehöyük Excavations in Central Anatolia (Sachihiro Omura).
Sardis: A First Millennium B.C.E. Capital in Western Anatolia (Crawford H. Greenewalt Jr.).
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