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Lilly W.S. A Century of Revolution

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Lilly W.S. A Century of Revolution
London: Chapman and Hall Limited, 1889 — 307 p.
Critical ideological account of the French Revolution by William Samuel Lilly. Lilly Lilly was born at Fifehead, Dorset, in 1840. He was educated at Peterhouse, Cambridge, taking his degree of LL.B. in 1862, and his LL.M. in 1870. After some private tuition from Sir Adolphus William Ward, he entered the Indian civil service, becoming in 1869 secretary to the government of Madras. Owing to a breakdown in health, however, he had to return to England, where he devoted himself to a career in literature. With his wide-ranging intellectual interests, Lilly occasionally wrote for some of the major publications of his time, such as The Nineteenth Century, The Contemporary Review, The Fortnightly Review, Popular Science Monthly, and The Dublin Review. Lilly was a convert to Roman Catholicism, and from 1874 was secretary to the Catholic Union of Great Britain. He was also a Justice of the Peace for Middlesex and London.
The revolutionary dogma.
The revolution and liberty.
The revolution and religion.
The revolution and science.
The revolution and art.
The revolution and Democracy.
The revolution and England.
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