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Kim J.S., Ligler F.S. The Microflow Cytometer

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Kim J.S., Ligler F.S. The Microflow Cytometer
Pan Stanford Publishing Pte. Ltd., 2010. – 394 p. – ISBN: 9814267414
The field of microfluidic flow cytometry is growing at a fast rate. This volume describes the development of inexpensive, portable flow cytometers through incorporation of microfluidic technologies and small optical components. The book discusses the underlying microfluidic theories essential for microflow cytometry, as well as advances that are representative of the current state-of-the-art.
A History of Flow Cytometry and Sorting
Analysis of Single Cells Using Lab-on-a-Chip Systems
Personal Flow Cytometers — Luminex
The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer R — A Small Revolution
Progress in Capillary Flow Cytometry
Focusing Particles Without Sheath Flows in Microflow Cytometers
Two-Dimensional Particle Focusing: Sheath Flow on Two Sides
Three-Dimensional Particle Focusing
Fluidic Control: Pumps and Values
Integrated Optics
The Potential of Polymer Photonics for Microflow Cytometry
Electrical Detection in Microfluidic Flow Cytometers
Microflow Cytometer Electronics
Miniaturized Sorters: Optical Micro Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter
Raman Spectroscopy: Label-Free Cell Analysis and Sorting
The Autonomous Pathogen Detection System
Laser-Based Fabrication of Microflow Cytometers with Integrated Optical Waveguides
Systems Integration
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