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Garola C., Rossi A. (eds.) The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - Historical Analysis and Open Questions: Lecce, 1993

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Garola C., Rossi A. (eds.) The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - Historical Analysis and Open Questions: Lecce, 1993
Springer, 1995. - 447 pp.
In The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics - Historical Analysis and Open Questions, leading Italian researchers involved in different aspects of the foundations and history of quantum mechanics are brought together in an interdisciplinary debate. The book therefore presents an invaluable overview of the state of Italian work in the field at this moment, and of the open problems that still exist in the foundations of the theory.
Audience: Physicists, logicians, mathematicians and epistemologists whose research concerns the historical analysis of quantum mechanics.
Introduction (by C. Garola and A. Rossi).
On the Axioms of Probability (by L. Accardi).
Three Quantum Theories of Measurement (by A. Afriat and F. Selleri).
Characterization and Deduction of Bell-Type Inequalities (by E.G. Beltrametti, C. del Noce and M.l. Marzynski).
The Search for a Quantum Reality (by S. Bergia and V. Fano).
Macrorealism, Non-Invasivity and Quantum Mechanics (by T. Calarco and R. Onofrio).
Planck's Theory (1898-1906) and the Birth of Quantum Physics (by P. Campogalliani).
An Analogue of the Tunnel Effect in Classical Electrodynamics (by A. Carati, L. Galgani and J. Sassarini).
A Note on Light Dispersion Formula and the Development of Modern Physics (by B. Carazza, G. Guidetti and N. Robotti).
Quantum Mechanics, Objects and Objectivity (by E. Castellani).
Toward a Logic of Unsharp Quantum Mechanics (by G. Cattaneo and F. Laudisa).
Interpretative Remarks in Quantum Mechanics (by G. Cattaneo and G. Nistico).
Kuhn's Interpretation of Bolzmann's Statistical Heredity in Planck (by P. Cerreta).
Macroscopic Quantum Coherence as a Test of Quantum Mechanics (by L. Chiatti, M. Cini and M. Serva).
Exchangeability and Invariance: Classical Aspects of Quantum Correlation (by D. Costantini and U. Garibaldi).
Einstein's Life-Long Doubts on the Physical Foundations of the General Relativity and Unified Field Theories (by S. D'Agostino).
Physical Interpretations of the Lukasiewicz Quantum Logical Connectives (by M.L. Dalla Chiara and R. Giuntini).
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Path Integral for Klein-Gordon Equation (by G.F. De Angelis and M. Serva).
Ontological Determinateness in Quantum Mechanics and Special Relativity (by M. Dorato).
Dualism and Incompleteness of Quantum Mechanics. Towards New Consistent Theories (by A. Drago).
Quantum Mechanics Reformulated by Means of Symmetries (by A. Drago and A. Pirolo).
A Priori Schemes in Quantum Mechanics (by V. Fano).
Among Quantum Mechanics, Wave Optics, and Charged-Particle Beam Transport: Toward a Possible Unified Formal Description (by R. Fedele).
Questioning Nonlocality: an Operational Critique to Bell's Theorem (by C. Garola).
Bell's Inequality for Trichotomic Observables (by A. Garuccio and L. de Caro).
Quantum Mechanics and Nonlocality - The EPR Argument Reconsidered (by G. Ghirardi and R. Grassi).
Some Remarks on Non-Separability (by E. Giannetto).
Unsharp Orthoalgebras and Quantum MV Algebras (by R. Giuntini).
Introduction to Nelson Stochastic Mechanics as a Model for Quantum Mechanics (by F. Guerra).
The Fermi-Dirac Statistics: a Simultaneous Discovery (by N. Guicciardini and G. Introzzi).
Are There Sub-Quantum Trajectories? The Bohmian Interpretation of Quantum Theory (by G. Peruzzi).
Algebraic Structures and Observations: Quantales for a Noncommutative Logic - Theoretic Approach to Quantum Mechanics (by M. Piazza).
Hermeneutics as a Conceptual Model for an Ontological Evaluation of Quantum Theory (by A. Rebaglia).
Random Path Quantization (by M. Roncadelli).
The Loss of Individuality form Classical to Quantum Physics (by A. Rossi).
The Mysteries of Quantum Theory: an Introductory Talk (by G. Tagliaferri).
On the Different Forms of Quantum Acausality (by G. Tarozzi).
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