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Cao W., Hu Y. (Eds.) Renewable Energy: Utilisation and System Integration

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Cao W., Hu Y. (Eds.) Renewable Energy: Utilisation and System Integration
ExLi4EvA (ITexLi), 2016. – 315 p. – ISBN: 9535124080; 9535124072
This book provides a glimpse of some recent advancements in modelling, control, electrical generators and power converters, and social and political aspects of utilising these renewable sources of energy. The book is aimed to provide some latest references for the readers who are interested in research work, energy policies, and social dimensions of renewable energy.
The development of renewable energy technologies (such as wind, solar, and biomass) has accelerated the establishment of a low-carbon society.
Wind Power Development and Landscape – Social Participation, Opportunities and Challenges
Study of Novel Power Electronic Converters for Small Scale Wind Energy Conversion Systems
Modelling and Control of Grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems
Method for Aligning Facets in Large Concentrators That Have Segmented Mirrors for Solar Thermal Applications
Theoretical Analysis and Implementation of Photovoltaic Fault Diagnosis
Genset Optimization for Biomass Syngas Operation
Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting - Sources and Techniques
Renewable Energy, Emissions, and Health
Distributed Renewable Power Sources in Weak Grids — Analysis and Control
Planning Tools for the Integration of Renewable Energy Sources Into Low- and Medium-Voltage Distribution Grids
Simulation Methods for the Transient Analysis of Synchronous Alternators
Photovoltaic Power Plant Grid Integration in the Romanian System–Technical Approaches
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