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Wheeler J.A., Zurek W.H. (eds.) Quantum Theory and Measurement

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Wheeler J.A., Zurek W.H. (eds.) Quantum Theory and Measurement
Princeton University Press, 1983. - 811 pp.
The forty-nine papers collected here illuminate the meaning of quantum theory as it is disclosed in the measurement process. Together with an introduction and a supplemental annotated bibliography, they discuss issues that make quantum theory, overarching principle of twentieth-century physics, appear to many to prefigure a new revolution in science.
Bohr and Einstein in Dialogue.
Questions of Principle
Bohr (1949), Discussion with Einstein on epistemological problems in atomic physics.
Born (1926), On the quantum mechanics of collisions.
Heisenberg (1927), The physical content of quantum kinematics and mechanics.
Bohr (1928), The quantum postulate and the recent development of atomic theory.
Robertson (1929), The uncertainty principle.
Mott (1929), The wave-mechanics of alpha-ray tracks.
Einstein, Tolman, Podolsky (1931), Knowledge of the past and future in quantum mechanics.
Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen (1935), Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?
Bohr (1935), Quantum mechanics and physical reality.
Bohr (1935), Can quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?
Schrodinger (1935), The present situation in quantum mechanics.
Wigner (1961), Remarks on the mind-body question.
Wheeler (1979-1981), Law without law.
Interpretations of the Act of Measurement
London, Bauer (1939), The theory of observation in quantum mechanics.
Wigner (1976), Interpretation of quantum mechanics.
Everett III (1957), Relative state formulation of quantum mechanics.
Wigner (1963), The problem of measurement.
Zeh (1970), On the interpretation of measurement in quantum theory.
"Hidden Variables" versus "Phenomenon" and Complementarity
Wheeler (1946), Polyelectrons.
Bohm (1951), The paradox of Einstein, Rosen, and Podolsky.
Bohm (1952), A suggested interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of "hidden" variables, I and II.
Bell (1966), On the problem of hidden variables in quantum mechanics.
Bell (1964), On the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox.
Clauser, Horne, Shimony, Holt (1969), Proposed experiment to test local hidden-variable theories.
Freedman, Clauser (1972), Experimental test of local hidden-variable theories.
Fry, Thompson (1976), Experimental test of local hidden-variable theories.
Lamehi-Rachti, Mittig (1976), Quantum mechanics and hidden variables: A test of Bell's inequality by the measurement of the spin correlation in low-energy proton-proton scattering.
Aspect (1976), Proposed experiment to test the nonseparability of quantum mechanics.
Wootters, Zurek (1979), Complementarity in the double-slit experiment: Quantum nonseparability and a quantitative statement of Bohr's principle.
Bartell (1980), Complementarity in the double-slit experiment: On simple realizable systems for observing intermediate particle-wave behavior.
Wickes, Alley, Jakubowicz (1981), A "delayed-choice" quantum mechanics experiment.
Field Measurements
Landau, Peierls (1931), Extension of the uncertainty principle to relativistic quantum theory.
Bohr, Rosenfeld (1933), On the question of the measurability of electromagnetic field quantities.
Bohr, Rosenfeld (1950), Field and charge measurements in quantum electrodynamics.
Irreversibility and Quantum Theory
Szilard (1929), On the decrease of entropy in a thermodynamic system by the intervention of intelligent beings.
von Neumann (!932), Measurement and reversibility and The measuring process.
Van Hove (1959), The ergodic behaviour of quantum many-body systems.
Daneri, Loinger, Prosperi (1962), Quantum theory of measurement and ergodicity conditions.
Aharonov, Bergmann, Lebowitz (1964), Time symmetry in the quantum process of measurement.
Misra, Prigogine, Courbage (1979), Lyapounov variable: Entropy and measurement in quantum mechanics.
Peres (1980), Can we undo quantum measurements?
Accuracy of Measurements: Quantum Limitations
Mott, Massey (1965), Magnetic moment of the electron.
Araki, Yanase (1960), Measurement of quantum mechanical operators.
Yanase (1961), Optimal measuring apparatus.
Aharonov, Bohm (1961), Time in the quantum theory and the uncertainty relation for time and energy.
Heffner (1962), The fundamental noise limit of linear amplifiers.
Haus, Mullen (1962), Quantum noise in linear amplifiers.
Pierce (1978), Optical channels: Practical limits with photon counting.
Braginsky, Vorontsov, Thorne (1980), Quantum nondemolition measurements.
Guide to Some Further Literature.
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