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Marlow A.R. (ed.) Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory

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Marlow A.R. (ed.) Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory
Academic Press, 1978. - 372 pp.
A group of physicists and mathematicians met together in New Orleans near the beginning of summer 1977 to discuss and study intensively the mathematical and logical foundations of the quantum theory. The participants came from a wide variety of backgrounds and specializations, but all shared a common interest in answering the "in­credibly important and difficult" quantum question. The results are contained in this volume. They are obviously not the results of three days but of accumulated years of work. The papers range from the general to the very specialized, and require for full un­derstanding correspondingly varied backgrounds. However, we believe that the reader with the necessary background in each case will find, if not always full answers, at least excellent questions and some answers.
The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Theory (by P.A.M. Dirac).
The "Past" and the "Delayed-Choice" Double-Slit Experiment (by John Archibald Wheeler).
The Lorentz Particles: A New Model for the 1/2-Spin Particle and the Hydrogen Atom (by Constantin Piron).
Orthomodular Structures and Physical Theory (by A.R. Marlow).
Another Nonstandard Quantum Logic (and How I Found It) (by Richard J. Greechie).
Some Unsolved Problems in Quantum Logics (by S. Gudder).
Manuals, Morphisms, and Quantum Mechanics (by D. J. Foulis and CH. Randall).
Limits of Manuals and Logics (by Hans R. Fischer and Gottfried T.Ruettimann).
The Geometry of the State Space (by Hans R. Fischer and Gottfried T.Ruettimann).
Spin Manuals: Empirical Logic Talks Quantum Mechanics (by Ron Wright).
The State of the Pentagon: A Nonclassical Example (by Ron Wright).
The Nikodym-Hahn-Vitale-Saks Theorem for States on a Quantum Logic (by Thurlow A. Cook).
On Geometric Quantization of Classical Systems (by Jedrzej Sniatycki).
Measures with Minimum Uncertainty on Non-commutative Algebras with Application to Measurement Theory in Quantum Mechanics (by Franklin E. Schroeck, Jr.).
Duality for C*-Algebras (by Maurice J. Dupre).
Geometrodynamics as Foundation of Physics (by Maurice Dupre).
Spin and Statistics of Elementary Particles (by Y. N. Kim).
Quantum Mechanics with Density Operators (by Steven M. Moore).
Pure States, Mixtures, and Compounds (by Asher Peres).
Position and Momentum Distributions Do Not Determine the Quantum Mechanical State (by Andrew Vogt).
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