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Jennings T. Lyophilization. Introduction and Basic Principles

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Jennings T. Lyophilization. Introduction and Basic Principles
CRC Press ; Taylor & Francis Group, 1999. — 655 p.
With an increasing demand for knowledge of the lyophilization process, the novice and even the experienced practitioner are faced with the complex task of searching the literature for pertinent information. Such information may provide a basic insight into the principles governing this technology or provide guidelines for finding a solution to a particular problem area. However, the literature often involves case studies of the lyophilization of a particular formulation, and the results are often mistakenly taken as a general principle.
It is the intent of this treatise to provide the reader with a basic introduction to lyophilization and an understanding of the basic principles of this technology. While it is mainly directed to lyophilizing solutions, the principles of lyophilization will also be applicable to the lyophilization of more complex systems containing rigid cellular structures, such as those associated with tissue or plants.
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