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Pradipta K.P. Transport Phenomena In Microfluidic Systems

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Pradipta K.P. Transport Phenomena In Microfluidic Systems
Wiley & Sons Singapore Pte Ltd., 2016. - 555 p.
This book is intended as an optional course for senior undergraduate and graduate level students of various engineering and science disciplines owing to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject. It introduces different transport processes related to microdevices. The purpose of this book is to prepare students with the fundamentals and tools needed to model and analyze different microsystems. It may also serve as a reference book for microsystem designers and researchers.
The primary objective of this book is to provide a detailed overview of this subject. All aspects of transport processes relevant to microsystems, that is, mass transfer, momentum transfer, energy transfer, charge transfer, surface tension-driven flow, magnetofluidics, microscale conduction, and microscale convection, have been discussed. It is also felt that a student needs to be exposed to various microfabrication capabilities in order to appreciate the scope and significance of microscale transport phenomena. Therefore, a brief introduction to microfabrication technology has also been included in one of the chapters. Characterization of microscale transport processes is essential for validation of different simulation models and for testing of prototypes. Therefore, experimental techniques for the characterization of microscale transport processes have also been included as a separate chapter. Sensors and actuators form an integral part of both macrosystems and microsystems for the optimization of their performance. Therefore, different microsensors and actuators are also included as a chapter for highlighting the potential applications of microsystems. A micro heat pipe involving several complexities of microscale transport processes is discussed at the end of the book as one of the practical examples. Several other examples of microscale devices and systems are also included in this book depending on the importance of the specific transport process for that device.
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