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Schultz Harold J. History of England

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Schultz Harold J. History of England
Second Edition. — Barnes & Noble, 1971. — 420 p. — ISBN-10: 0064601234; ISBN-13: 978-0064601238.
This book presents a complete and distinctive account of the history of England from its earliest settlements to modern times, as well as an interpretation of the English heritage and achievement. It is intended for the student of History and for the reader reviewing specific periods of English history in relation to political or constitutional developments. It will also be useful to the general reader interested in the important role of English-speaking people in the shaping of western civilization and to the student of English literature who wishes a concise and immediate reference to social, economic, religious and political backgrounds of any period. Included as aids to understanding are maps, lists of Sovereigns of Great Britain and the Prime Ministers, the genealogical tables of the Royal dynasties from William the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth II, suggested readings and review questions for each chapter, a final examination, and a bibliography.
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