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Basic Algebra with Matlab

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Basic Algebra with Matlab
Scientific books, 2016. – 311 c. ISBN: 1523251182
MATLAB is a platform for scientific computing that can be used in almost all areas of the experimental sciences and engineering. Given its wide ranging mathematical scope, MATLAB naturally implements extremely efficient commands that allow you to work in linear algebra with ease. After introducing the MATLAB working environment, the book begins by describing how MATLAB treats basic algebraic concepts such as variables, numbers, operators and functions. It goes on to describe the MATLAB commands that are used to create two- and three-dimensional graphics, including explicit, implicit and parametric curve and surface plotting, and various methods of data representation. Methods for manipulating and simplifying algebraic expressions are covered and computational techniques for solving algebraic equations and systems of equations are detailed. Lastly, MATLAB's matrix algebra capabilities are explored, including techniques for matrix decomposition and the
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