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Garola C., Rossi A., Sozzo S. (Eds.) The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: Historical Analysis and Open Daestions - Cesena 2004

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Garola C., Rossi A., Sozzo S. (Eds.) The Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: Historical Analysis and Open Daestions - Cesena 2004
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2006. – 373 p. – ISBN: 9812568522
This volume provides a unique overview of recent Italian studies on the foundations of quantum mechanics and related historical, philosophical and epistemological topics.
(Cesena, Italy 4 - 9 October 2004)
If Bertlmann had Three Feet
Macroscopic Interpretability of Quantum Component Systems
Premeasurement versus Measurement: A Basic Form of Complementarity
Remarks on Conditioning
Entangled State Preparation in Experiments on Quantum Non-Locality
The First Steps of Quantum Electrodynamics: What Is It That's Being Quantized?
On the Meaning of Element in the Science of Italic Tradition, the Question of Physical Objectivity (and/or Physical Meaning) and Quantum Mechanics
Mathematics and Epistemology in Planck's Theoretical Work (1898-1915)
On the Free Motion with Noise
Field Quantization and Wave/Particle Duality
Parastatistics in Econophysics?
Theory-Laden Instruments and Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Non-Locality and the Mathematical Representation of Experience
On the Notion of Proposition in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
The Electromagnetic Conception of Nature and the Origins of Quantum Physics
What We Talk About When We Talk About Universe Computability
Bohm and Bohmian Mechanics
An Objective Background for Quantum Theory Relying on Thermodynamic Concepts
The Entrance of Quantum Mechanics in Italy: From Garbasso to Fermi
The Measure of Momentum in Quantum Mechanics
On the Two-Slit Interference Experiment: A Statistical Discussion
Why the Reactivity of the Elements is a Relational Property, and Why it Matters
Detecting Non Compatible Properties in Double-Slit Experiment Without Erasure
If You Can Manipulate Them, Must They Be Real? The Epistemological Role of Instruments in Nanotechnological Research
Mathematical Models and Physical Reality from Classical to Quantum Physics
Complex Entanglement and Quaternionic Separability
Mach-Zehnder Interferometer and Quantitative Complementarity
Antonio Gramsci's Reflection on Quantum Mechanics
The Role of Logic and Mathematics in the Heisenberg Formulation of Quantum Mechanics
Space-Time at the Planck Scale: The Quantum Computer View
Three-Dimensional Wave Behaviour of Light
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