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Ludwig R., Bretchko P. RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications

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Ludwig R., Bretchko P. RF Circuit Design: Theory and Applications
Prentice Hall, Inc., 2000. — 653 p. — ISBN 0-13-095323-7.
For upper-level Electrical Engineering introductory courses in RF Circuit Design and analog integratedcircuits. This practical and comprehensive book introduces RF circuit design fundamentals with an emphasis on design methodologies. *Provides MATLAB routines to carry out simple transmission line computations and allow the graphical display of the resulting impedance behaviors as part of the Smith Chart. *Allows students to implement these software tools on their own PC. *All m-files will be included on a bound in CD-ROM. *Presents RF Amplifier Designs, including small and large signal designs, narrow versus broad band, low noise, and many others. *Provides students with useful broad-based knowledge of common amplifier designs used in the industry. *Discusses Matching Networks, such as T and P matching networks and single and double stub matching. It also includes Discrete and Microstrip Line matching techniques with computer simulations.
Transmission Line Analysis.
The Smith Chart.
Single- and Multiport Networks.
An Overview of RF Filter Design.
Active RF Components.
Active RF Component Modeling.
Matching and Biasing Networks.
RF Transistor Amplifier Designs.
Oscillators and Mixers.
Useful Physical Quantities and Units Appendix B. .
Skin Equation for a Cylindrical Conductor Appendix C. Complex Numbers.
Basic Definition.
Magnitude Computations.
Circle Equation
Matrix Conversions.
Physical Parameters of Semiconductors.
Long and Short Diode Models.
Long Diode.
Short Diode
Wilkinson Divider.
Branch Line Coupler.
Lange Coupler
Noise Analy sis.
Basic Definitions.
Noisy Two-Port Networks.
Noise Figure for Two-Port Network.
Noise Figure for Cascaded Multiport Network.
Introduction to Matlab
Brief Example of Stability Evaluation.
Simulation Software on Compact Disk
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