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Parker Philip M. Webster’s English to Italian Crossword Puzzles: Level 3

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Parker Philip M. Webster’s English to Italian Crossword Puzzles: Level 3
ICON Classics, 2005. — 122 pages. — ISBN 0-497-25454-9.
Англо-итальянские кроссворды с ответами. Уровень 3.
Webster’s Crossword Puzzles are edited for three audiences. The first audience consists of students who are actively building their vocabularies in either Italian or English in order to take foreign service, translation certification, Advanced Placement (AP)1 or similar examinations. By enjoying crossword puzzles, the reader can enrich their vocabulary in anticipation of an examination in either Italian or English. The second includes Italian-speaking students enrolled in an English Language Program (ELP), an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program, an English as a Second Language Program (ESL), or in a TOEFL or TOEIC preparation program. The third audience includes English-speaking students enrolled in bilingual education programs or Italian speakers enrolled in English speaking schools. This edition is for Level 3 vocabulary, where the higher the level number, the more complicated the vocabulary. Though highly entertaining, if not addictive, this crossword puzzle book covers some 3000 vocabulary words. In this book, hints are in English, answers are in Italian. This format is especially fun (or easiest) for people learning English; the format is most instructive, however, for people learning Italian (i.e. the puzzles are a good challenge). Within each level, the puzzles are organized to expose players to shorter and more common words first. Subsequent puzzles mostly build on these using longer and more complicated vocabulary. Learning a language is always difficult. To ease the pain, hints are provided in small script at the bottom of each page, though these are selected to prevent an engineered solution to the puzzle. Players need to learn the meanings of the words in order to place them correctly. Full solutions are provided in the back of the book. These two features (hints and verifiable solutions), force the reader to decipher a word’s meaning and serves to improve vocabulary retention and understanding. Translations are extracted from Webster’s Online Dictionary. Further definitions of remaining terms as well as translations can be found at www.websters-online-dictionary.org.
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