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Schwabl F. Advanced Quantum Mechanics

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Schwabl F. Advanced Quantum Mechanics
4th Edition. – Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2008. – 408 p. – ISBN: 3642098746, 3540850619
In this latest edition new material has been added, which includes many additional clarifying remarks and cross references. The design of all figures has been reworked, the layout has been improved and unified to enhance the didactic appeal of the book, however, in the course of these changes I have attempted to keep intact its underlying compact nature. I am grateful to many colleagues for their help with this substantial revision. Again, special thanks go to Uwe Täuber and Roger Hilton for discussions, comments and many constructive suggestions. I should like to thank Dr. Herbert Müller for his generous help in all computer problems. Concerning the graphics, I am very grateful to Mr Wenzel Schürmann for essential support and to Ms Christina Di Stefano and Mr Benjamin Sánchez who undertook the graphical design of the diagrams.
Table of Contents
Nonrelativistic Many-Particle Systems
Second Quantization
Spin-1/2 Fermions
Correlation Functions, Scattering, and Response
Relativistic Wave Equations
Relativistic Wave Equations and their Derivation
Lorentz Transformations and Covariance of the Dirac Equation
Orbital Angular Momentum and Spin
The Coulomb Potential
The Foldy–Wouthuysen Transformation and Relativistic Corrections
Physical Interpretation of the Solutions to the Dirac Equation
Symmetries and Further Properties of the Dirac Equation
Relativistic Fields
Quantization of Relativistic Fields
Free Fields
Quantization of the Radiation Field
Interacting Fields, Quantum Electrodynamics
Alternative Derivation of the Dirac Equation
Dirac Matrices
Projection Operators for the Spin
The Path-Integral Representation of Quantum Mechanics
Covariant Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field, the Gupta–Bleuler Method
Coupling of Charged Scalar Mesons to the Electromagnetic Field
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