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Erbe M. Field Free Line Magnetic Particle Imaging

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Erbe M. Field Free Line Magnetic Particle Imaging
Springer Fachmedien, Wiesbaden, 2014. — 175 p. — ISBN 978-3-658-05336-9.
Modern medicine is intrinsically tied to technology. Not only medical therapy, but also medical diagnostics considerably benefit from technological progress. This connection is impressively demonstrated by the development of medical imaging technologies, which have revolutionized a countless number of medical applications. Since the very first x-ray images were produced in 1895 [R ¨ 98], itwasnotuntilthe1960sand1970sthatthepowerfulmedicalimagingtechnologies computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) were introduced [Lau73, Hou73, Cor63, Cor64]. Since those first steps, groundbreaking progress in spatial and temporal resolution as well as dose issues have been achieved. CT offers slice images of the human body with the use of x-ray radiation [Buz08]. While in CT a high spatial and temporal resolution is achieved, the disadvantage of this method is the exposure of the patient and the physician to ionizing radiation. MRI in contrast, works without the need of ionizing radiation, but suffers from poor temporal resolution.
This thesis constitutes a first step towards the establishment of dynamic FFL imaging in MPI. The results do not only give rise to optimism concerning feasibility of magnetic FFL generation, which has been doubted during the invention of the FFL encoding scheme, but also reveal various research aspects holding great potential to improve the results achieved using FFL imaging in MPI such as scanner optimization and efficient Radon-based reconstruction.

Magnetic Particle Imaging
Introduction of a Field Free Line for MPI
Theory of Magnetic Field Free Line Generation
A Field Free Line Field Demonstrator
Scanner Efficiency and Field Quality Analysis
Efficient Reconstruction Algorithms
A Dynamic Field Free Line Imaging Device
Discussion and Outlook
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