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Powell P.E. Windmills and Wind Motors

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Powell P.E. Windmills and Wind Motors
New York, Spon&Chamberlain, 1910, - 119 p.
It is more than a little strange that amateur engi­neers often neglect the windmill. Wind-power is free, and while it is admittedly erratic it must surely ap­peal to the mechanical mind as a labor saver and valuable renewable energy resource. Windmills and Wind Motors presents a series of practical, original de­signs that can be used for model-making, experi­mentation, or even for the more practical purpose of power production. The book is a must have for wind-energy enthusiasts of all ages and knowledge levels. If you want to guide your child to an A+ in this year’s science fair, get this book! If you believe in the potential of wind power and want to experiment with it in your own back yard, get this book! Finally, and perhaps most importantly, if you want to build your own power producing wind-energy-plant in order to curtail those skyrocketing energy costs, get this book! This excellent little book provides you with all the information you need to complete exciting and educational home-wind-energy projects!
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