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Dornaika F. (ed.) Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and applications

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Dornaika F. (ed.) Advances in Face Image Analysis: Theory and applications
Sharjah: Bentham Science Publishers Ltd., 2016. — 259 p.
Computer vision is one of the most active research fields in information technology, computer science and electrical engineering due to its numerous applications and major research challenges. Face image analysis constitutes an important field in computer vision and can be a key challenge in developing human-centered technologies. Face image analysis problems have been investigated in computer vision and Human Machine Interaction applications (e.g., identity verification, eye typing, emotion recognition, mcommerce).
Making computers understand the contents of images taken by cameras is very challenging, and therefore the computer vision technology faces a lot of challenges. Differed from the biometric problems, e.g., finger-print or iris based recognition; face recognition inherently relies on the un-controlled environment and inevitably suffers from degrading factors such as illumination, expression, pose and age variations. Image-based age estimation is relatively a new research topic. Estimating human age automatically via facial image analysis has lots of potential real-world applications, such as human computer interaction and multimedia communication.
This book presents the reader with cutting edge research in the domain of face image analysis. Besides, the book includes recent research works from different world research groups, providing a rich diversity of approaches to the face image analysis. The material covered in the eleven chapters of the book presents new advances on computer vision and pattern recognition approaches, as well as new knowledge and perspectives.
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