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Dent Marjorie (ed.) Current Biography Yearbook 1957

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Dent Marjorie (ed.) Current Biography Yearbook 1957
NY.: Hw Wilson Co.1957 - 664 p.
A compilation of 175 up-to-date, contemporary profiles of accomplished and rising stars of politics, industry, entertainment and the arts from the U.S. and around the world.
H.W. Wilson's Current Biography Yearbook combines a full year of the monthly magazine Current Biography into a single, permanent record. It has been delivering up-to-date biographies of men and women of contemporary importance since 1940. Current Biography is renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection and the wide scope of influence of its subjects.
Current Biography Yearbook offers ongoing access to the important personalities of today:
Includes the day's most talked-about and influential people.
A remarkably wide range of professions
Obituaries, where appropriate, of figures profiled in previous yearbooks.
A complete index listing all those profiled in the current year.
By way of describing the breadth of coverage, here is a small sampling of the professions included in the Yearbook: Chef and Food Truck Owner, Actor, Physicist, Politician, Cricketer, College President, Stunt Performer, Sumo Wrestler, Biologist, US Navy admiral, Violist, Journalist, Blogger, Hockey Player, Skateboarder, Race Car Driver, Mathematician, Basketball Player, Film Director, Stylist, Ecologist, Philosopher, Neurologist … to name a few. The variety of talents and experience featured is remarkable. And inspiring. All written in the informative, accurate, and lively style that hashelped to make H.W. Wilson the first name in biographies.
An invaluable source for researchers, teachers, students, and librarians, Current Biography Yearbook draws information from newspaper and magazine articles, books, the Internet, observations of journalists and associates, and occasionally personal interviews or questionnaires completed by the subjects. This resource presents biographical information in a lively style that makes for entertaining as well as informative reading.
“Continues to shine as one of the best biographical reference sources for major figures in American life and culture.”
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