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Ahmed M. et al. Map Construction Algorithms

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Ahmed M. et al. Map Construction Algorithms
Springer, 2016. — 120 p. — ISBN: 3319251643, 9783319251646
Ahmed M., Karagiorgou S., Pfoser D., Wenk C.
The book provides an overview of the state-of-the-art of map construction algorithms, which use tracking data in the form of trajectories to generate vector maps. The most common trajectory type is GPS-based trajectories. It introduces three emerging algorithmic categories, outlines their general algorithmic ideas, and discusses three representative algorithms in greater detail.
To quantify map construction algorithms, the authors include specific datasets and evaluation measures. The datasets, source code of map construction algorithms and evaluation measures are publicly available on http://www.mapconstruction.org. The web site serves as a repository for map construction data and algorithms and researchers can contribute by uploading their own code and benchmark data.
Map Construction Algorithms is an excellent resource for professionals working in computational geometry, spatial databases, and GIS. Advanced-level students studying computer science, geography and mathematics will also find this book a useful tool.
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