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Strategic HR. Critical Touch Points of Recruitment

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Strategic HR. Critical Touch Points of Recruitment
Bookboon, 2014. — 53 p. — ISBN 978-87-403-0697-2.
Do you struggle feeling like you are making a good hiring decision? Or worse, have you found yourself hiring the wrong candidate? Is it time to evaluate or even create a more effective recruitment process?
Hiring shouldn’t be a gambling process. The people on your team are too important to the success of your company. So, while hiring is not exactly a science, there are a few important steps that you should incorporate into your recruitment process to help you make better hiring decisions. Too often we get in a hurry to fill an open position because we need that person right away. In doing so, we skip some of the most important steps in the process. This book will help guide you through the hiring process, as well as provide you with tools, samples and more to help you make effective hiring decisions.
This book has been written to provide a framework for successful recruitment. Carefully following this process will enable you to have the best possible chance of making a great hire. Skipping important steps in the recruitment process risks the quality of your results and can impact how long you retain an employee. The cost and time to replace an employee far outweighs doing it right the first time.
Getting Started
Employment Brand
Finding Candidates
Job Posting
Sourcing Candidates
Evaluating Candidates – Screening
Screening Resumes / Profiles
Phone Screening
Employment Application
Selecting Candidates
Interviewing – Goals
Interview Types
Interview Questions
The Interview
Verifying Candidates
Assessments – Pre-Employment Testing
Background and Reference Checks
Drug Screening
Making The Offer – Hiring
Closure – Notifications
About the Author
Strategic HR, inc. is an international management firm based in the Cincinnati, OH area assisting organizations in the service, manufacturing, and non-profit industries with strategic human resources management and organizational development projects since 1995
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