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Hernandez Rick. Hello JavaScript

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Hernandez Rick. Hello JavaScript
Lean Publishing, 2016. — 137 p. — ASIN: B01BQ0E6KW
This is the book that will finally show you how you can learn to program. Created specifically for new programmers, with no programming experience. This is a true Step by Step book where you will learn the programming fundamentals with JavaScript.
This is the book that will finally show you how you can start to program with JavaScript, not only will you learn the fundamentals of programming but you will obtain the skills necessary to be able to transfer those skills to any programming language.
This book is not just about JavaScript; it's about the programming fundamentals that are required by every programming language. You will learn more than just programming with JavaScript. After you complete this book, you will have the skills and the confidence to start and complete real world software applications.
We will not focus on showing you code that you will copy and paste and then consider yourself a programmer. NO! We will look into the Programming Fundamentals, The Art and Science of Programming, The Programmers Mindset, Key Programming Concepts and over 35+ Unique Programming Challenges. Yes there will be practical steps for you to follow, but the book completely avoids the "type this and it'll work" style that most programming books use.
The Programming Fundamentals covers the following topics:
Mindset (Art of programming, Science of Programming, Programmers)
Flow Charts
Pseudo Code
JavaScript Syntax
Executing code with the Console
Data Types (Primitive, Composites)
Basic Math Operators
Logical Constructs and Expressions
Control Structures
Loops and Iteration
35+ Programming Challenges
This book is not for you to passively read; it's specifically designed to make you THINK!
The last chapter of the book introduces advance topics such as:
Introduction to Functions
Function Composition
Introduction to object Oriented Programming
String Mutations
Simple Data Structures
Advance Number Properties
Introduction to Date Objects
Introduction to Regular Expressions
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