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Reucroft Gemma, Scott Tim. Human Resources: A Practical Guide

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Reucroft Gemma, Scott Tim. Human Resources: A Practical Guide
Bookboon, 2015. — 85 p. — ISBN: 978-87-403-1105-1
This ebook provides a practical look at Human Resources, written by two experienced HR generalists and bloggers. Drawing on their own careers, it is full of pragmatic advice and straightforward recommendations about how to implement effective Human Resources, and doing good people stuff.
The book includes a look at what makes great Human Resources and great Human Resources professionals, the unique challenges of the HR profession and how to overcome them, through to simple advice on how to create people plans and business cases.
Covering every aspect of the employee lifecycle, along with topics such as social media, employee experience and employee data along with a handy jargon buster, this book is a practical guide to putting into practice straightforward and valued added Human Resources activity.
The elephant in the room
Great Human Resources
Putting the people plan together
Employee Engagement
Employee Experience
Data – big and small
People Policies
Employee Engagement. To survey or not to survey?
Performance Reviews
Family Stuff
Caring and Carers
Absence Management
Learning and Development
The difficult stuff
Leadership Development
Non Value Adding Work
HR Information Systems
HR and Best Practice
The Role of the Line Manager
Making the HR business case
Social Media
Ideas, Tips and Random Thoughts
And finally...
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