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Michéle Benjamin. Smart TV Security: Media Playback and Digital Video Broadcast

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Michéle Benjamin. Smart TV Security: Media Playback and Digital Video Broadcast
Springer, 2016. — 103 p. — ISBN-10: 3319209930. — ISBN-13: 978-3319209937
This book discusses the emerging topic of Smart TV security, including its implications on consumer privacy. The author presents chapters on the architecture and functionality of Smart TVs, various attacks and defenses, and associated risks for consumers. This includes the latest attacks on broadcast-related digital services and built-in media playback, as well as access to integrated cameras and microphones.
This book is a useful resource for professionals, researchers and students engaged with the field of Smart TV security.
About the Author
Benjamin Michéle received his Dipl.-Ing. degree in computer engineering from TU Berlin in 2009. He then worked as a research assistant at TU Berlin and at the Telekom Innovation Laboratories until 2015. He is currently finishing his PhD thesis on the topic of consumer electronics security. His research focuses on the security of Smart TV media playback systems and the security of broadcasting-related technologies such as DVB-T and HbbTV. He is collaborating with consortia and vendors to improve the security of devices and standards. He has received awards for presenting his work at international conferences, and his research has been the subject of international media coverage.
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