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Downes J. (ed.) Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Scotland

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Downes J. (ed.) Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Scotland
ScARF (Scottish Archaeological Research Framework) Panel Report, 2012. — 175 pp.
The panel remit was to review critically the current state of knowledge and consider promising areas of future research into Chalcolithic and Bronze Age Scotland. This was undertaken with a view to improved understanding of all aspects of what happened in Scotland from the appearance of metallurgy and other Beaker-related innovations in the 25th century BC up until the early 8th century BC and the beginnings of the Iron Age.
The resultant report, outlines the different areas of research in which archaeologists interested in the Chalcolithic and Bronze Age work, and highlights the research topics to which they aspire. The report is structured by theme: The History of Bronze Age studies in Scotland; Interconnecting Issues; Lifeways and Lifestyles; Material Culture, Technologies and Use of Resources; and Identity, Society, Belief Systems. The document is reinforced by material on-line which provides further detail and resources. The Chalcolithic and Bronze Age panel report of ScARF is intended as a resource to be utilised, built upon, and kept updated, hopefully by those it has helped inspire and inform as well as those who follow them.
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