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Buddhi N. Hewakandamby. A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Engineers

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Buddhi N. Hewakandamby. A First Course in Fluid Mechanics for Engineers
The University of Nottingham, 2012. — 145 p. — ISBN: 978-87-403-0069-7
A good knowledge of Fluid mechanics is essential for Chemical, Mechanical and Civil engineers. As a result it is taught at a very early stage in degree courses on those disciplines.
A First Course in Fluid Mechanics covers the basics of the engineering fluid mechanics without delving into deeper more mathematical concepts.
Building from most basic concepts such as physical properties of fluids, it covers the topics in fluid statics and dynamics. Hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and forces on immersed bodies are discussed under fluid statics.
Under fluid dynamics, Bernoulli’s principle is introduced. Furthermore, the nature of fluid flows is discussed in engineering context. Laminar and turbulent flows in pipes are explained in detail.
Finally hydraulic design is discussed paying attention to pump capacity calculations.
This textbook is levelled at first year undergraduate students.
Physics of Fluids
Fluid Statics
Dimensional analysis
Basics of Fluid Flow
Laminar and Turbulent Flow
Viscous Flow in Pipes
Pumping of liquids
About the Author
Buddhi Hewakandamby is a Chemical Engineer who has been working on problems related to fluid dynamics for more than 15 years.
He has earned a doctorate in Chemical Engineering in 2002 for his work on thin film flows and has held research positions related to CFD and microfluidics.
He has written several book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles on experimental and computational fluid mechanics and has shared the Moulton Medal awarded by IChemE in 2010 with several of his colleagues.
He is currently a lecturer in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, UK.
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