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Carr L.D. (Ed.) Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions

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Carr L.D. (Ed.) Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions
Taylor and Francis Group, LLC., 2011. – 752 p. – ISBN: 1439802513
Quantum phase transitions (QPTs) offer wonderful examples of the radical macroscopic effects inherent in quantum physics: phase changes between different forms of matter driven by quantum rather than thermal fluctuations, typically at very low temperatures.
QPTs provide new insight into outstanding problems such as high-temperature superconductivity and display fundamental aspects of quantum theory, such as strong correlations and entanglement. Over the last two decades, our understanding of QPTs has increased tremendously due to a plethora of experimental examples, powerful new numerical methods, and novel theoretical understanding of previously intractable quantum many-body problems.
Understanding Quantum Phase Transitions organizes our current understanding of QPTs with an emphasis on examples from condensed matter physics. Bringing together 48 well known physicists involved with the theory and observation of QPTs, this unique work provides a thorough yet concise examination of the field. Each chapter takes readers through past discoveries right up through the latest research results, and then ends with open questions and unsolved problems.
New Directions and New Concepts in Quantum Phase Transitions
Finite Temperature Dissipation and Transport Near Quantum Critical Points
Dissipation, Quantum Phase Transitions, and Measurement
Universal Dynamics Near Quantum Critical Points
Fractionalization and Topological Order
Entanglement Renormalization: An Introduction
The Geometry of Quantum Phase Transitions
Progress in Model Hamiltonians and in Specific Systems
Topological Order and Quantum Criticality
Quantum Criticality and the Kondo Lattice
Quantum Phase Transitions in Spin-Boson Systems: Dissipation and Light Phenomena
Topological Excitations in Superfluids with Internal Degrees of Freedom
Quantum Monte Carlo Studies of the Attractive Hubbard Hamiltonian
Quantum Phase Transitions in Quasi-One-Dimensional Systems
Metastable Quantum Phase Transitions in a One-Dimensional Bose Gas
Experimental Realizations of Quantum Phases and Quantum Phase Transitions
Quantum Phase Transitions in Quantum Dots
Quantum Phase Transitions in Two-Dimensional Electron Systems
Local Observables for Quantum Phase Transitions in Strongly Correlated Systems
Molecular Quasi-Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnets
Probing Quantum Criticality and its Relationship with Superconductivity in Heavy Fermions
Strong Correlation Effects with Ultracold Bosonic Atoms in Optical Lattices
Numerical Solution Methods for Quantum Phase Transitions
Worm Algorithm for Problems of Quantum and Classical Statistics
Cluster Monte Carlo Algorithms for Dissipative Quantum Phase Transitions
Current Trends in Density Matrix Renormalization Group Methods
Simulations Based on Matrix Product States and Projected Entangled Pair States
Continuous-Time Monte Carlo Methods for Quantum Impurity Problems and Dynamical Mean Field Calculations
Quantum Phase Transitions Across Physics
Quantum Phase Transitions in Dense QCD
Quantum Phase Transitions in Coupled Atom-Cavity Systems
Quantum Phase Transitions in Nuclei
Quantum Critical Dynamics from Black Holes
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