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Hargittai B., Hargittai I. (Eds.) Science of Crystal Structures: Highlights in Crystallography

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Hargittai B., Hargittai I. (Eds.) Science of Crystal Structures: Highlights in Crystallography
Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2015. – 331 p. – ISBN: 9783319198262.
During the fi rst 25-year existence (1990–2015) of the international journal Structural
Chemistry , it has published hundreds of articles in crystallography. From the start, there has
been a characteristic direction in this periodical to bring out reports related to generalized
crystallography, quasicrystals, icosahedral packing, other packing considerations, extended
structures, data treatment and data mining, and what we would call “living history.”
Direct Methods
X-Ray Crystallography: The Past and Present of the Phase Problem
History of X-Ray Crystallography
Gas Electron Diffraction and Its Influence on the Solution of the Phase Problem in Crystal Structure Determination
Beyond the Classical System
Generalized Crystallography
Mackay, Anti-Mackay, Double-Mackay, Pseudo-Mackay, and Related Icosahedral Shell Clusters
Crystallography Without a Lattice
Polygrammal Symmetries in Biomacromolecules: Heptagonal Poly d (As 4 T) • poly d (As 4 T) and Heptameric α-Hemolysin
Helical Structures: The Geometry of Protein Helices and Nanotubes
From Waxes to Polymers—Crystallography of Polydisperse Chain Assemblies
Structure, Chirality, and Formation of Giant Icosahedral Fullerenes and Spherical Graphitic Onions
A Generalized Model for the Shell Structure of Icosahedral Viruses
Intermetallic Compounds of the NaCd 2 Family Perceived as Assemblies of Nanoclusters
Linus Pauling’s Quest for the Structure of Proteins
“There Is No Such Animal ( אין חיה כזו )”—Lessons of a Discovery
Quasicrystal Discovery—From NBS/NIST to Stockholm
Atomic Structure of Quasicrystals
Some Properties of Three-Periodic Sphere Packings
Cluster Packing from a Higher Dimensional Perspective
Structural and Materials Properties
Magnetic Properties of Quasicrystals: Effects of Disorder on Fe Magnetic Moment Formation
Overlooked Opportunities in Stereochemistry. Part III: Alfred Werner’s Awareness of Spontaneous Resolutions and of the Meaning of Hemihedral Faces in Optically Active Crystals
The Geometry of Intermolecular Interactions in Some Crystalline Fluorine-Containing Organic Compounds
Molecular and Crystal Structures of a Class of Push-Pull Quinonoid
Compounds with Potential Nonlinear Optical Applications
X-ray Crystallographic Studies on the Noncovalent Syntheses of Supermolecules
Matthew C. T. Fyfe , J. Fraser Stoddart , and David J. Williams
Asymmetry in the Multiprotein Systems of Molecular Biology
Molecular van der Waals Symmetry Affecting Bulk Properties of Condensed Phases: Melting and Boiling Points
The Role of Symmetry in Building Up Zeolite Frameworks from Layered Zeolite Precursors Having Ferrierite and CAS Layers
Data Mining and Management
The Correspondence Fedorov- Schoenflies: The Groups Pm, Pc, Cm, Cc
Prediction of H-Bonding Motifs for Pyrazoles and Oximes Using the Cambridge Structural Database
Hierarchies of Intermolecular Potentials and Forces: Progress Towards a Quantitative Evaluation
Where Are Genes in Paulingite? Mathematical Principles of Formation of Inorganic Materials on the Atomic Level
Supramolecular Architectures of Metal–Organic Host–Guest Compounds
What Is a Chemical Substance and How Is It Formed?
Investigation of Structural Relations Among the Compounds in the ICSD Using Geometry Based Comparison Techniques
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